How to stay on top of your ever-changing Attack Surface

Posted by Reposify on September 30, 2020 3:28:59 AM EDT
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"Truly understanding the full scope of the business and its risks is a huge challenge. its constantly changing and you need to react quickly."

- Shahar Maor, CISO at Fiverr

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What to listen for:

[2:05] Shahar's take on Attack Surface Management 

[4:20] The key factors leading to the perception gap between what you think you own and what you really own

[8:50] Bad habits leading to risky exposures

[11:24] Human errors which are every's CISO's nightmare 

[15:39] Best practices for handling supply chain risks 

[18:25] Shahar's tip for reducing attack surface risks 

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Topics: "risk assessment", "IT Security Audits", "Attack Surface Management", Attack Surface