How to reduce Shadow IT with engaging awareness training

Posted by Reposify on October 6, 2020 5:43:22 AM EDT
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We set down with Kfir Tzukrel, CISO at Direct Finance for a chat about the risks of Shadow IT and how to make cyber security awareness training engaging and fun. 

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What to listen for:

[1:37] Kfir's take on Attack Surface Management 

[3:52] The daily challenges of cyber security teams in the financial sector

[6:05] COVID-19's impact on attack surface risks

[8:16] How big of a problem is Shadow IT?

[10:00] How to increase employees' collaboration with security guidelines

[12:44] Why we must step up our  awareness training game

[15:07] Kfir's tips for reducing shadow IT in your organization

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Topics: "risk assessment", "IT Security Audits", "Attack Surface Management", shadow it risks, Attack Surface