Posted by Reposify on May 7, 2020 9:34:56 AM EDT
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Millions of sensitive assets are left exposed to the internet every day, leaving organizations attack surfaces vulnerable to various risks which could results in a breach. 

Each week will be sharing fresh data, from Reposify's platform, on the most common exposures, CVEs as well as tips on how to avoid them.

Attack Surface Status

April 26th - May 4th 

Weekly Exposures By Asset Category

  • This week Reposify discovered 30 million new exposed internet facing assets
  • 5.2 million exposed Remote Access assets represent the largest category of exposed assets following the web assets category

Attack Surface Status April 26th_1

Weekly Asset Category Spotlight - Web Assets

This week we are diving into the Web Asset category

  • 5.5% of these assets have critical security issues associated with them
  • Top exposed platforms in this category are Lighttpd, Apache HHTP server, Nginx and IIS


Attack Surface Status April 26th_2.2

The Weekly Patch

CVE-2013-4559 is currently affecting 19.3K services worldwide.

Mitigate this risk by updating the lighttpd version to be higher

than 1.4.32 (latest version is 1.4.55)

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About Reposify

Reposify is an Attack Surface Management Platform developed by Israeli ex-military experts in cyber defense. It delivers continuous actionable security insights for your unknown exposures and risks.

Discover exposures, misconfigurations and shadow IT in your network perimeter across all environments, including on-premise, cloud as well as supply chain exposures. No agents or deployment required.

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